Assessors Awards

We offer the following qualification for VQ Assessors:

Level 3 Award in Assessing Competence in the work environment

A two unit Award for Assessors who are assessing occupational competence in the workplace primarily using naturally occurring evidence.

VQAS take a carefully planned and structured approach to the training and assessment of this qualification which includes:

  • Two half day training sessions
  • A workbook through which Learners can explore and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding
  • The inspection of assessment records
  • The observation of the trainee Assessor working with two of their Learners
  • Professional discussions
  • Witness testimony from the Trainee Assessor’s Internal Quality Assurer, and if necessary
  • Assessor Set Questions

NB To undertake this Award Assessor-Candidates will need to have a qualified Assessor to check and countersign their assessment in the workplace, however it may be that VQAS can provide this service.

Using internet technology this qualification can now be delivered remotely.

The fee for this Award may vary according to particular circumstances but a guide price would be £1950 per Assessor Candidate. Fees negotiable for larger groups of Learners.

Level 3 Award in Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment

A single unit qualification for those wanting to gain an understanding of assessment without the need to practise.

  • It is particularly suitable for those who are not currently assessing but who hope to do so in future.
  • This Award is undertaken by way of Distance Learning Modules using two VQAS designed Workbooks. The fee includes the cost of two 2 hour training sessions
  • Learners will have a personal Assessor with whom they can consult.

The fee for this Award is £750.

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