VQ Assessment Services is an approved SFJ Awards Assessment Centre offering a range of qualifications and training for staff working in the Community Justice and wider community Sectors.

  • Wealth of experience

The VQAS team consists of Assessor and IQAs who have considerable experience of working in the Community Justice sector.

  • Qualifications

With all the qualifications we offer we have undertaken a good deal of development work in order that we can take a structured and cost effective approach to assessment.

  • Benefits of our approach

Learners are enabled to complete their qualification in a timely fashion, consistency of assessment is ensured, and fixed prices can be quoted.

  • Remote learning

As a result of Covid restrictions we are now delivering the qualifications remotely and this approach has been well received by organisations.

We routinely ask for feedback from Learners, Assessors and the organisations with whom we work and the following are example of the type of feedback we get:

“… (The VQAS Assessor) was nothing short of excellent. She put an immense amount of effort in to make the process run smoothly and to accommodate my needs. She was a great motivator. Very clear, very thorough, very positive.”

PSO (Learner) Essex

“I have really enjoyed working within the structured succinct approach which VQAS promotes. This approach is highly motivational for the learners who see that their awards can be progressed in a very short time frame whilst there is no compromise made as to sufficiency of evidence and standard of assessment practice and expectations.”


“Thank you for all the work that has gone into completing these learners. It has been a joy to work with you and your colleagues at VQAS, thank you for your support over the last few years”.  

Learning & Development Manager CRC.

“Thank you for all your work with our learners in the South West. The work you and your team have done is just amazing, especially given the circumstances (Covid restrictions) that were not helpful in many ways. Thank you again for all your support.

VQ Centre Manager CRC.