The VQAS Assessment Centre

We are a SFJ Awards Approved Assessment Centre and currently offer the following qualifications:

  • The Level 3 and 5 Diplomas in Probation Practice
  • The Level 3 Certificate in Probation Practice
  • The Level 3 Award in Understanding the Principles of Restorative Practice
  • The Level 4 Diploma in Restorative Practice
  • The Level 3 Assessors Qualifications
  • The Level 4 IQA Qualifications
  • The Level 3 Awards in Supporting the Survivors of Domestic Violence

For a number of these qualifications we are also able to offer the related training.

The VQAS Team has a wealth of experience in Community Justice Learning

We are able to offer these qualifications, as the VQAS team consists of very experienced Assessor and IQAs who have considerable experience of working in the Community/Justice sector.

With all the qualifications we offer we have undertaken a good deal of development work in order that we can take an efficient and structured approach to assessment. Such an approach has three main benefits:

  • Learners are enabled to complete the qualification in a timely fashion
  • Consistency of assessment is ensured
  • Fixed prices can be quoted for a qualification

Full details of the qualifications can be found at www.sfjawards.com

We also routinely ask for feedback from Assessors and IQAs and the following is an example of the type of feedback we get:

I have really enjoyed working within the structured succinct approach which VQAS promotes. This approach is highly motivational for the learners who see that their awards can be progressed in a very short time frame whilst there is no compromise made as to sufficiency of evidence and standard of assessment practice and expectations.” Assessor

Other qualifications

Subject to demand we would also seek approval and offer qualifications regarding the following:

  • Youth Justice Services
  • Mentoring and befriending of offenders
  • Working with Substance Misuse
  • Working with Victims, Survivors and Witnesses
  • The Support Needs of Prisoners Families
  • Working with offending behaviour
  • Business and Administration

Want further details?

If you are interested in finding out more about either the qualifications we are offering or qualifications we may offer in the future then please do contact us.

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