Employment opportunities

Employment opportunities

Whilst we have do have a considerable number of Assessors, IQAs and Trainers registered with us across England and Wales we are currently looking for new staff to supplement our work force. Our Assessors and IQAs are without doubt our most valuable resource and we therefore endeavour to reward and support them all we can.

Most Assessors, IQAs and Trainers work with us on a self-employed basis and are contracted to either take individual Learners through their qualification or deliver specific Training Programmes. At VQAS we work with Assessors and IQAs to plan and structure the delivery of each qualification and Assessors and IQAs are required to use that structured approach. We provide all Assessors, IQAs and Trainers with all the materials required in order to provide a professional service. We periodically seek feedback from our contracted staff and the feedback we get is invariably positive, the following being a typical example:

“Working for VQAS is very enjoyable. All policies, procedures, records etc have been clear, concise and easy to work with. Advice has been readily available from (the Directors) and from colleague assessors and IQAs all of whom are very experienced and professional. A ‘can do’ and ‘we can make this work’ approach from a group of loyal and enthusiastic col-leagues has made work a real pleasure.” Assessor/IQA

If you are a qualified Assessor/IQA who is or has been working in the Community Justice Sector and who is committed to Learning & Development and would like to join the VQAS Team then Send us a message.

VQAS offers:

  • Competitive rates of pay
  • Home to assessment site travel costs at HMRC rates
  • Travel time for longer journeys
  • Subsistence and overnight accommodation costs where appropriate
  • Ongoing CPD opportunities
  • Regular face to face Standardisation Meetings

Want further details?

Provide us with your contact details and an indication of your work experience and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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VQAS fully supports the work, values and ethics of the Probation Institute and is proud to be an Endorsed Learning Provider of the Institute.

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